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Clever uses for expired sunscreen

Those last drops of sunscreen have amazing added benefits says our America Now beauty pro, Jessica Metivier.

"After the summer sun sets you might find yourself with a few tubes of expired sunscreen," says Metivier.  Don't throw this away because you can actually use it as a substitute for your favorite hair product. 

Running out of moisturizer or shampoo conditioner doesn't have to be an early-morning crisis.  Some believe sunscreen would be a greasy situation - but it's not.  Added bonus:  A little bit goes a long, long way.

Jessica has listed the most important bullet points for you to remember about sunscreen,

  • Sunscreen is a summertime staple but we often find ourselves with
    half-empty tubes once fall rolls around. 
  • Sunscreen expires as 'sunscreen', so it's nice to know the other options
    besides tossing your purchase in the trash!
  • Sunscreen on your hair adds slight sheen and calms fly-aways.  A little
    goes a long way so use it sparingly!
  • Sunscreen in a pea-sized amount should be enough for medium length
    hair.  If you have curly hair this works especially well! 
  • Sunscreen in a travel-sized tube is a perfect addition to your purse for
    when the humidity and frizz are unbearable!
  • Sunscreen as a shaving cream may sound crazy...but it works!  It's even good
    for those last minute shaves outside of the shower! 
  • Sunscreen is moisturizing, so expired sunscreen can be used in a pinch when
    you run out of your favorite body lotion.

We all love saving money! Try to think of alternative ways and multi-uses for things you already own.  A little creativity can go a long way!

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