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Canine Therapeutic Massage

Harmony Animal Hospital
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Therapeutic canine massage is a study of both structure and movement. It is a beautiful balance of how one affects the other.

The benefits of massage therapy are many*. The benefits can be physical, mental, and emotional, including:

• Prevention of loss of movement and atrophy in inactive muscles
• Improving flexibility and range of motion of the joints
• An increased overall sense of wellness
• Prevention of injury and illness
• A speedy recovery time from injury or illness
• Loosening of tight and constricted muscles
• Reduction of pain
• Restoration of proper muscle tone
• An increase of energy and endurance
• Maintaining posture and balance
• Improving cardiovascular health
• Reduction of soreness or stiffness
• An increase in comfort and well-being
• Can decrease blood pressure and improve blood circulation
• An increase in toxin release and removal of waste from the body
• Calming of the nervous system; reduction of stress and tension
• Reduction of anxiety and fear; increased relaxation
• Improving trust and bonding between dog and human 

*Massage therapy is not a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment from a veterinarian.

Initial session
An initial session will include an evaluation of your dog's structure and how it affects your dog's movement. Structural imbalance greatly affects how your dog walks, trots and runs. Over time, certain structural abnormalities will cause the musculoskeletal system to place strains on certain muscles and tendons. These strains can cause bone deformities, and muscle and bone atrophy.

Stevi Quick
, our certified therapeutic canine massage therapist has been trained to evaluate this imbalance. She has extensively studied gait and structure, which allows her to begin a supplemental health care plan unique to your pet's needs.

Therapeutic massage can also relieve muscle tension and help to improve damaged tissue through specific strokes and techniques. Daily pain and movement issues can be relieved, and your dog' circulation and range of motion can be improved. Your pet will have an increased sense of well-being and a great quality of life. 

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