Seasonal Flu Clinics Schedule

Columbia County Health Department
Public Seasonal Flu Clinics Schedule

                                                                     Cost:  $25 Flu Shot

          $30 Flu Mist

        Medicaid or Medicare

        Cash or Checks

*All Columbia County Health Depts.          September 21            8AM-7PM

 (Extended Clinic Hours)

Evans Library                                                September 23            1-4:30PM

7022 Evans Town Center Blvd.        

Evans Library                                                September 24            10AM-4:30PM

7022 Evans Town Center Blvd.

Columbia County Government                   October 2                   9AM-3PM

Auditorium                                                    October 7                   9AM-3PM

                                                                        October 9                   9AM-3PM

                                                                        October 14                 9AM-10PM

Riverside Middle School                                   October 5                   3-6PM

Columbia Middle School                                   October 6                   3-6PM

Lakeside Middle School                                         October 8                   3-6PM

Evans Middle School                                               October 13                 3-6PM

Harlem Middle School                                             October 15                 3-6PM

Greenbrier Middle School                                October 19                 3-6PM

Grovetown Middle School                               October 20                 3-6PM

Stallings Middle School                                         October 22                 3-6PM

Augusta Christian                                        October 26                 3-6PM

Augusta Prep                                                October 28                 2:30-6PM

*Walk-in Clinics, Martinez/Evans Site        September 25            8-4PM

                                                                        October 2                   8-4PM

                                                                        October 9                   8-4PM

                                                                        October 16                 8-4PM

                                                                        October 23                 8-4PM

                                                                        October 30                 8-4PM

The Columbia County Health Department will offer the Seasonal Flu Vaccine to the general Public for those 6 months and older at the above locations.  Please call one of the clinic sites for additional Flu clinics:

Appling Clinic                         Evans Clinic                                    Harlem Clinic

6420 Pollards Ponds Rd.       616 Government Center Way        Euchee Creek Dr.

Appling, GA 30802                  Evans, GA 30809                             Grovetown, GA 30813

706-541-1318                            706-868-3330                                    706-556-3727