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Splitting the check for Grand Canyon opening


A number of different players are pitching in money to help keep Grand Canyon National Park open to the public despite a federal government shutdown. More>>

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Fed budget deal means AZ DES workers back at work

© CBS 5 News © CBS 5 News

More than 240 furloughed workers at the Arizona Department of Economic Security are back on the job now that the federal government is back up and running. More>>


Judge orders immediate end to logging shutdown


A federal judge has allowed loggers to go back to work on national forests without waiting for federal agencies to lift logging bans prompted by the government shutdown. More>>

McCain: No more shutdowns, 'I guarantee it'

John McCain (Source: CNN) John McCain (Source: CNN)

Sen. John McCain promised Thursday the government will not shut down again in the near future, and argued the President will now have to engage with his political opponents on Capitol Hill. More>>

2 parties bicker over blame for parks shutdown


Republicans and Democrats are battling over who's to blame for one of the most high-profiles casualties of the government shutdown: the national parks. More>>


Mount Rushmore to reopen amid fed shutdown

Grand Canyon (Source: CBS 5 News) Grand Canyon (Source: CBS 5 News)

South Dakota, Utah and Colorado have decided to pay to reopen national parks during the government shutdown. More>>

AZ residents, business leaders to protest shutdown at Grand Canyon


County governments across southern Utah are moving to condemn the shutdown of national parks by declaring an official emergency. More>>

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