S.C. bill pushes for Palmetto State teachers to earn national average

BEAUFORT CO, S.C. (WTOC) -A new bill in South Carolina could give teachers more money if it is passed. The average teacher salary in South Carolina is $51,027.

South Carolina State Senator Karl Allen wants all South Carolina teachers to make the national average teacher salary, which is $60,483.

A spokesman for the Beaufort County School District says a pay raise would help keep teachers in the area.

Jim Foster with the Beaufort County School School District says teacher salaries are a major issue. With higher salaries, there would be a better chance of recruiting and keeping teachers here in Beaufort County. Foster says Beaufort County has the highest cost of living of any county in the state. By giving teachers a pay increase to the national average, some may be able to stay in the area and not have to move away.

“We hire about 250 new teachers every year," Foster said. "We are forced to do that because people leave or they retire. And, so, teacher salaries have become a major issue in terms of attracting teachers and keeping them here.”

We will continue to follow the progress of this bill.

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