Community Harvest Celebration helps spread positivity among the community

Community Harvest Celebration helps spread positivity among the community
People serving food at the community dinner (Lex Juarez)

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The holidays have a way of bringing the community together. In Augusta, the Deep in the Heart Foundation is working to spread positivity throughout the year, and on Saturday, Dec. 8, they partnered with Jesus is the Way of Life Ministries International for a community dinner to do just that.

They served over 130 plates at the Community Harvest Celebration, but this event brought so much more than a hot meal. There was gently used clothing for people to take, as well as free haircuts and provided transportation to those in need. Lucresha Thomas, co-founder of Deep in the Heart, said, “We’ve seen a lot of people leaving with clothes and they were satisfied and happy.” This was the 22nd Annual Community Harvest Celebration, and the first year the church had partnered with anyone else from the community to put it on.

Betty Anderson, Overseer of the church, said, “This is a good show of unity and fellowship between people that have the same heart and want to do something for people in our community.” Deep in the Heart aims to bring people off the streets and into a positive environment. The co-founders said that partnering with others will help to reach the goal and make a lasting impact on the community. Antonio Allen, co-founder of Deep in the Heart, said, “It’s all about showing that you’re able to unite with another organization to build a bigger cause.”

Community members enjoyed the event, which was catered by local businesses. She moved here six months ago and said that being part of a community that cares so much for others is great. Watkins said, “It’s just a blessing. I’m thankful for the food, the clothes, the children, the peoples.” Watkins and her fiancé found clothes that will help them get through the winter. They also found a new church family. “I’m coming to the service too. We gonna be going to Sunday school.”

Reaching people in the community is what excites Senior Pastor Joanne Pope. She said, “It makes us feel great because we know we’re here serving, and that we are able to provide whatever it is that they need, and what we can provide for them.”

Deep in the Heart Founders hope that as their organization grows and continues to spread love throughout the community, it will lead to less violence and heartache. They are planning a Stop the Violence event in the spring. You can keep up with their events on their Facebook page.

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